The Flipside: Keeping Your Idea/Technology Secret When Starting Out

June 6, 2011

The Flipside, Another Way to Look at an Issue I run into lots of entrepreneurs who go out of their way to keep their idea or technology secret. They search me out, want to get my opinion or advice, and start out by asking for an NDA. I am not special, they act the same […]

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Wireless Health: Development Pitfalls

June 2, 2011

As any entrepreneur knows, getting started with a new company is fraught problems that can turn a great idea into a big mistake. There are just so many decisions that, if the wrong one is made, can kill or cripple the company. Worse though are the startups that haven’t encountered the big “Oh Crap” as […]

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Seed Acceleration Program for Wireless Medical/Personal Health Devices

May 8, 2011

Over the last five years I have blogged and ranted about a number of topics, but never focused on a specific topic for an extended period of time. Well, over the last year, I have gotten interested in a specific area and thought it was time to focus on the subject so that I can […]

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Pitch It! Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP)

April 16, 2011

Have a Great Business Idea? The Business & Entrepreneurship Center at MiraCosta College (in Southern California) is hosting an elevator pitch contest, where college students, or anyone 27 or under, can try to convince a panel of ”Angel Investors” that they have the best business idea, all in less than 3 minutes.
  8 finalists will […]

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WOW! Tech Jobs Available

March 4, 2011

On Wednesday evening, I attended Startups Uncensored #20, a monthly networking event sponsored by Docstoc, in Santa Monica. The panel consisted of Jason Nazar (CEO,, Josh Meyers CEO of People Media a subsidiary of, Jeff Tinsley CEO and Founder of MyLife, Robert Angarita Co-Founder of Cramster and Mark Kapczynski VP of Corp Dev […]

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Tech Stars and Do More Faster

February 7, 2011

For any of you who are not familiar with TechStars or the book that two of the founders published, I recommend that you investigate them. TechStars is a seed accelerator program that started in Boulder Colorado back in 2006 and founded by Brad Feld and David Cohen. Brad is a Venture Capitalist and Managing Director […]

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Startup America – Sounds Great, Now Can We Deliver?

February 4, 2011

Wouldn’t you know that just when I rant and rave about how disconnected I think the President might be, he goes and announces a comprehensive program aimed at startups and entrepreneurs. If you haven’t seen anything about it, check it out @ There is also a good video on the subject. Finally, there is […]

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My Reaction to the State of the Union Address

January 31, 2011

I was interested in hearing President Obama’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday evening. He can be an inspiring speaker although not sure as much in this speech. Part of my problem was that all the talk about innovation, job growth, needing to keep jobs from moving overseas, and need to reduce the costs […]

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The Fit Bit – Way Cool Wireless Device

December 29, 2010

In early November, I attended a presentation by Brad Feld and David Cohen where they were talking about their very successful Seed Stage Accelerator program, Tech Stars which I will talk about in a different post. During one of the presentations, Brad mentioned the FIT BIT and pulled his off his sleeve to show us. […]

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Wireless Medical Devices for the Home, the Next Big Thing?

October 20, 2010

About a year ago, I started to see more and more about a new line of medical devices that utilize smart phone platforms and add software and/or a physical attachment that turns the phone into a powerful medical device. If this is hard to visualize or understand, watch the video by Eric Topol at last […]

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Internet Startups – Something for Entrepreneurs to Consider

May 28, 2010

I just put this up on Startup Coast, but thought I would put it over here also, Many times when I am listening to a pitch for a new Internet or Social Media company, the entrepreneur attempts to categorize their company as another YouTube or Facebook. Now it is entirely possible that this may be […]

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